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Intex Play Tent House (48″x48″x62)

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The tent has a door with triangular, round window and measures of the tent are 1.22 x 1.22 x 1.57 cm is made of lightweight vinyl extraresistente one-piece with a modern and colourful striped and lines.

The frame of the tent teepee is® style with plastic poles and assembles quickly and easily.

Install your teepee in® your room or in the living room of house; it is also suitable for outdoor spaces, such as the terrace or the garden.

The centre of games Intex is recommended for children between 3 and 6 years of age.


  • size: 122x122x157 cm (48″ L x 48″ W x 62″ H)
  • Stripes and Lines Desion
  • Set it up outdoors or indoors
  • Age : 3 Years & Above


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