New 5 In 1 Rocker Bassinet Bouncer Small Bed, a Bed In a Bed, a Basket, a Recliner, and a Rocking Chair

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5 In 1 Rocker Bassinet Bouncer

Product Description

It can be used as a small bed, a bed in a bed, a basket, a recliner, and a rocking chair. . Really a multi-purpose, super!

Easily locks into a stationary position, Easy switch positions for play, feed, nap & travel.

Single hand reclining to make a cot if baby falls asleep while playing.

Seat rocks back and forth to soothes baby, level adjustable vibration & rocking functions soothes the baby & encourages sleep

Removable seat can be used as infant carrier,Attractive Toy bar, removable as bassinet so baby can co-sleep safely on bed with you.

Point safety Harness, high sides for the baby’s security

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