648-34 Cutie Soldier Police Set 2 in 1 Police Soft Bullet Shooting Gun and Water Gun Handcuff Toy Game For Kids

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  • Blaster Soft Bullets is a toy gun with foam bullets and suction darts and for kids. This Flame Storm is a great shooting dart game with manual soft bullet. Kids will love firing soft foam bullets and suction darts and shooting an imaginary target gun.
  • This gun is easy to operate - load soft bullets or suction darts from the front muzzle, pull the lever to the rear, trigger and fire. The magazine can load 4 foam bullets at a time to make the action more realistic.
  • Featuring a pull back trigger firing action and quick chamber switching function, this gun is great for playing head to head or in teams. Quick to load bullet chamber and shoot at the same time
  • It's super exciting and super cool shooting fun with the whole family, in a cozy indoors, ideal for kids ages 5+
  • This superior toy gun is made of high quality ABS plastic and with 5 suction and 10 soft foam bullets. These bullets are not harmful and completely safe for your kids.
SPN-BFC Handcuffs Police

Police Soft Bullet Gun and Water Gun with Handcuffs

The special gun set is made of good quality ABS plastic material, non toxic looks very sharp which attract kids. Boys and girls love thrill, action and adventure so a smart gun, with 2-in-1, compact size of integrated gun, perfect to handle, not too heavy, easy to operate, shoot and play comfortably .SPN-BFC Water Gun

The kid always wanted a police pistol. It is very suitable. It is of dual use. It doesn't hurt when hitting people with soft bullets. Firing distance is far enough.

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